In February of this year, I rashly stated that I would never be cold again. Despite my firm belief that avoiding cold was a reasonable goal, I have in fact been cold at various destinations during our RV journey this year. Nothing compares to the severe winter weather during our travels to Arizona. We abandoned our original travel plans and headed south from Albuquerque.

A week ago, on December 7 we arrived at our final destination for 2013. We are in a beautiful desert environment in Florence AZ, between Phoenix and Tucson. We have a HUGE RV site, with plenty of patio space for outside relaxation. We see several varieties of cactus, some mysterious types of trees, many mountains, and big sky.

During the week since our arrival we paid to have the RV washed (they did a GREAT job), have met new friends here at this RV park, visited some friends we met at Camp Beaver who winter in Casa Grande, enjoyed a swell Greek restaurant and a nice Chinese restaurant in the town of Florence, and enjoyed pleasant walks on the nearby hiking trails.

Tomorrow we are traveling to Phoenix and will have lunch at a noodle restaurant with a friend from John’s days in the Atlanta Pipe Band. Len moved to Phoenix before we moved to Saint Louis, so it has been a long time since we’ve shared a meal with him. We all like noodles, so we hope to have a nice ramen lunch.

It’s bright and sunny, we’re in our T-shirts and headed for a desert walk. It’s hard to believe this is the middle of December!