During the drive from Eden to Boise, I had many phone calls with family members to talk about mom’s death and funeral arrangements. Darren volunteered to research airfare, hotel, and rental car options for us. That was exceptionally helpful – we are so lucky to have Darren in our lives!

When we arrived in Boise, John called his cousin Don to tell him that we would not be spending an entire week in Boise after all, since we needed to quickly go to Saint Louis for my mom’s funeral.


Eileen, Don, John

We made the most of our brief time in Boise, including a nice visit Tuesday night when Don and Eileen came to see us at the RV park, bringing homemade brownies. Wednesday morning we went to Don and Eileen’s house for the best breakfast of our entire 2013 travels! The delicious breakfast included extremely tasty bacon, eggs, toast, hash brown potatoes, homemade salsa, and strawberries. We also spent several hours visiting with Don and Eileen, sharing many stories about growing up, updating each other with stories of our current lives, and looking at each other’s photographs. Don and Eileen very nicely offered to care for McGregor during our speedy trip to Saint Louis, so he would not have to spend that time in a kennel. They volunteered to come from their home multiple times to give McGregor some people-time, provide food and water, and empty his catbox. What generosity! We accepted this kind offer.

Thursday we locked the RV and drove to the airport. Many hours later, we arrived in Saint Louis. Leah and Darren had already driven from Pittsburgh and had arrived in STL in the wee hours of Thursday. Erin had been in Michigan on a business trip and flew to STL instead of flying home to Atlanta. Erin had responsibility for providing a friend’s baby shower on Saturday and Benjy agreed to stay in Georgia and take over Erin’s baby shower duties. What a sweetheart – it’s not every guy who will step in and shoulder the tasks of an intensely “girly” activity like a baby shower!

I am still experiencing some strong emotions about my mother’s death. I am not ready to blog about those events and feelings. Alzheimer’s Disease stole the last years of my mother’s life and I am bitter about that. I don’t yet know where to turn with that anger – I know I still have some thinking/feeling/processing ahead of me.

Funerals are not completely sad. We had a lot of time together with out-of-town family members that we don’t ordinarily see. Come to think of it, I guess we are now out-of-town family members, living our RV life. There was quite a bit of laughter during our family time. It makes me smile to remember the “Small Town Smackdown” that John and Lacey had on Saturday night, comparing their childhoods in little places in Iowa and Illinois.


We arrived back in Boise very late Monday night. It was nice to see McGregor’s face in the window.

This is John with an interjection

We spent a lot of time at Mary Jo’s house, the scene of the Great Median Massacre of February 2013. I pulled my hat down over my eyes—so the neighbors wouldn’t come after me with torches and pitchforks—and took a picture of the current state of the median. The curb looks pretty good, but the grass still needs some recovery time. I figure that by 2015 I’ll be able to visit Mary Jo without wearing a disguise.  The Edmund, however, shall never darken her driveway again.