The trip from Las Vegas to Williams AZ was boring! BORING!! It was GREAT! Boring is what you want when you’re on the road with the Edmund Fitzgerald and Calamity Jane. We were—finally—towing Calamity for the first time since we left Fort Stockton TX. It was good to be in the same vehicle with Nan and be able to comment on our surroundings. We arrived at Williams AZ by mid-afternoon and got settled in.

We have now had 1 consecutive trouble-free Tow Days.

We were in Williams because we had tickets on the Grand Canyon Railway for the next day. The train makes an eight hour round trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, two-plus hours each way with about three and a half hours at the Canyon.  It departs from an Amtrak station at the edge of the our RV park. We’d decided to spring for the Luxury Dome Class—very pricey but very deluxe.  We probably could have flown cross-country for what we paid for these tickets, but then we would have had to spend eight hours on a plane squashed into chairs the size of infant car seats instead of spending eight hours rattling around the Robber Baron Express being pampered by Lorraine on the Train and gazing into the depths of the Grandest Canyon. And we would have been somewhere we didn’t want to be. Someplace cold.


There was a cash bar and our very own attendant, Lorraine on the Train (she’s the one making bunny ears behind Nan), was a whiz at making Bloody Marias with her own secret blend of “Polish spices”


The dome was nowhere near full, so we could sit wherever we wanted


The parlor in the lower level was opulent, but the dome was so much fun nobody spent any time in the parlor


Snacks and non-consciousness-altering beverages were provided—the cash bar provided consciousness-altering beverages


We had the run of the train, even access to the rear platform while the train was moving—well, they wouldn’t let me in the engine

I loved the back platform.  I made a short video of the view


When we got to the Grand Canyon, grand as ever, we had three hours to hang out. Our package included a buffet with unlimited baked beans and soft serve—there were other items on the buffet but I wasn’t interested—and a bus tour that stopped at some of the overlooks


Photographic evidence that, yes, I was there


I loved the back platform. I was hanging my head over the side rail like a dog with his head out the car window when the train started to slow down


Sure enough, it was the notorious Cataract Creek Gang, come to rob the train


We passed their horse-holder as the train regained speed


The gang worked their way through the cars until they got to us.  They posed for a few pictures, relieved us of our spare cash, and vamoosed, hotly pursued by the Marshal

We walked home, ate dinner, and went to bed like good little robber barons.  A great day.  Tomorrow we’d head for Gallup (Poll) New Mexico.