Can you have two “bests”?

So far, Tucson and Las Vegas have been my favorite spots. Really, really favorite – as in, it’s a long way from these #1/#2 spots to the next favorite #3 spot.

There’s a common factor for Tucson and Las Vegas. The weather is splendid. Bright sunshiny days with pleasantly cool nights. Skies have been mostly clear, so we’ve seen a lot of stars in the night skies of Tucson and Las Vegas. For those who are startled about starry nights in Las Vegas, you need to realize that while we are a quick 17-minute drive from “The Strip”, we are oh so very far away in terms of dazzling marquees that throw lots of light into the sky. Surprisingly, there is not much light pollution from businesses where we are.

I liked both RV parks where we lived temporarily in Tucson and Las Vegas. The Las Vegas RV park is a little nicer – we have a palm tree and some other kind of tree on our parking spot. I don’t remember having any trees at our Tucson parking spot. Both RV parks have nice swimming pools – but I had not yet resumed my swimming life when we were in Tucson. The swimming resumed in Las Vegas. The RV park residents have been nice and friendly at both spots. In Tucson we were invited to a potluck. In Las Vegas we’ve had a few beers with one of the neighbors and there was a cookout this past Sunday with burgers, hot dogs, and a live band – all provided by the RV Park in appreciation for the residents.

Tucson and Las Vegas are both convenient driving cities where it has been easy to find our way around to grocery stores, restaurants, and local sites to see. In Las Vegas, our GPS keeps wanting to drag us to routes on Interstates, but the regular arterial streets are perfectly fine for travel – there doesn’t seem to be much gridlock, even when all the Basketball shenanigans were going on.

But… Las Vegas has all the delightful glitter and entertainment opportunities that aren’t available in Tucson. We could definitely stay longer in Las Vegas before exhausting all the recreational choices. And we’re not even gamblers!

Today is our last day in Las Vegas. I need to go swimming one last time, because it’s considerably colder in our next few spots. I might need to break out scarves, gloves and a jacket for Williams AZ (the Grand Canyon train trip) and Santa Fe NM. I’m almost positive I need to put away the sandals and get out my socks and shoes.