Faithful reader, if you have read all the previous posts, you will realize that many things have not gone according to plan. You could even go so far as to say that we have experienced some bad fortune. I imagine you’re saying, “Enough already with the gloomy events, John and B/Nan must be the unluckiest people on the planet.”

So what’s a good day like, you might ask.

Most days start with getting up when I feel like it – no alarm clock. I like to keep breakfast simple, involving few dishes to wash. My usual choice is a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter. I have discovered Bacon Jerky and that is a fabulous addition to my tortilla when I want a little special something. Lucky for me, “a little special something” can happen any day of the week! I round off the breakfast with some fruit and I feel downright virtuous.

If we’re not driving somewhere, I do household chores in the morning. These days, “chores” means finding out where the trash can is at the RV Park.

Finding the trash can at the RV Park usually involves a brief walk. I take advantage of that walk to look at other people’s pretty RVs. And maybe say “Hello”.

If there is some area attraction that we want to see, the rest of the day fills up with outings. Or just as likely, we need an outing to buy food or some obscure piece of RV gear that we have convinced ourselves we need. Frequently those outings involve lunch – do you see the plan, no dishes to wash!  If there are no outings, the day fills up with reading, emailing, Facebooking, budgeting, daydreaming, and talking about what places we want to visit. And sitting outside in our folding chairs. And naps.

When it gets dark, it’s time to think about dinner. We are thinking about dinner in a different way than we previously did. Can you guess? It has to do with creating the fewest possible dirty dishes. I am eagerly trying new recipes for one-pot soups and stews. John and I are so sad that our Convection Oven will not accommodate a frozen pizza.

After dinner, we might go outside again – depends on whether the area is full of bugs/mosquitoes. I have no interest in spending time with creatures that want to bite me. However, I do like to step outside and appreciate the night sky. Prior to this RVing life, I spent this entire century in downtown Saint Louis. That means that seeing stars is mostly a new experience for me. I’m not tired of that yet. We haven’t figured out how to make the TV work, so there’s no TV entertainment for us. But we did watch the last two episodes of Downton Abbey on our teeny tiny smartphone screens – because we’re fans, that’s why.

I wash the dishes. Hey it’s only fair, since John is doing the driving. The sink is very big, so a whole day’s worth of dishes can be done at one time. The water is shockingly hot, so I can fill up the sink and do something else (like write this blog post) while the dishes soak.

Every single night I thank my lucky stars that I get to live my RV life, seeing the people and places that I want to see. Life is good.