Some things I learned about this RV experience:
* Apparently, we can’t tow the Honda for 3 days in a row. The battery died before the end of day 3. Bad things happened. Cost $135 plus a rip/tear/hole in the Honda bumper that we’re not going to bother to repair.
* Washer in the RV is just dandy, but the dryer is ridiculously inefficient.
* Cooking in the RV is very different than I am used to. It’s like cooking in a Smurf kitchen – very cramped and not much prep space. I will become adept at one-pot meals.
* I dislike the carpet in the RV even more than I originally thought. I’ll begin researching the cost to get it yanked out and replaced with ceramic tile or hardwood.
* Blessedly, the air conditioning works great and is relatively quiet. Who knew I would care about A/C during the month of February?
* On most days, cross-ventilation and 3 ceiling fans is heavenly.
* I have trouble remembering what day it is. This is sort of a problem with bill-paying, because my creditors have absolutely no problem remembering what day it is.

Some things I liked about our February travels:
* There is an abundance of delicious shrimp at every restaurant in South Texas.
* The bird sanctuary on South Padre Island is fabulous. Saw Roseated Spoonbills, Least Grebes, Common Moorehen, Pelicans, Coots, many Ibis (what is the plural of Ibis?), and several varieties of herons.
* Enjoyed lots of “cousin time” with Ann & Dick, Sally, Bob & Norma, Pat & Will.
* I’m learning to slow down and it’s a swell feeling.
* Our last week in Port Isabel is a waterfront/canal location. It’s a terrific site – love those water views 24/7.
* John & I took a Mah Jongg lesson. It’s hard to believe that we used to play Mah Jongg in the 80’s. This version seems very complicated to me. Maybe we were playing the Fisher-Price version of Mah Jongg in our youth.
* Met new friends Joan & Bill, through John’s cousin Ann. It’s good to make new friends while we’re on the road.
* Read some “disposable” books and donated them to the RV park library, thereby creating more storage space in the RV!
* Enjoyed warm weather in February. I want this for the rest of my life.

Some things that still need fixing on the RV:
* The Aqua Hot heater in zone 1 (the living room and kitchen) is still broken. We certainly haven’t needed heat in South Texas, but it seems like a good idea to have all 3 zones with working heat. Thank goodness that the heat works in zones 2 and 3, because we needed heat the night we spent in Tulsa.
* There’s a mysterious listing/tilting of the RV, even when the slides are pulled in and we’re driving down the road. This can’t be good.
* One of the window headers came apart. John says he can glue it back together.
* There’s a problem with the fresh water tank. It only seems to hold about half the tank before starting to leak out of the overflow valve. It’s a huge water tank, so half the tank is still a generous amount of water. However, a leak is never a good thing.
* There’s a diesel fuel drip somewhere in the generator. I have no idea what this might mean, but I know it’s not good news.
* We need to get the Geek Squad to make sense of our Entertainment system. I have taken no steps to figure this out, but John has fiddled with many things to no avail. We need the Geek Squad to figure out the satellite, the TV, the DVD player, and the radio/MP3 player.

Goals for March:
* Get a haircut.
* Walk 30 minutes every day when we’re not traveling.
* Write blog entries and promptly reply to emails.
* Figure out how to get an Internet “hot spot” for the RV.